Monday, February 04, 2008

You've heard of sick and tired? I'm tired of sickness.

Bean has a persistent cough; no fever just a bad cough. She was treated with antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for "walking pneumonia". I had the cough as well, but my doctor just gave me hallucinogenic cough syrup. We were both doing better until Dr. Pig came down with The Cough. I nagged him all week to call his doctor. He still hasn't done it and now the whole family has The Cough again.

I had to sit Dr Pig down and explain to him that no, it's wasn't a piece of toast lodged in his throat, the fact that he swallowed wrong, or anything else that was causing the cough because those things make you cough for a few minutes rather than TWO WEEKS and that by not getting it treated, he was reinfecting the rest of us thankyouverymuch. So, now I have to make an new appointment for Bean and call my doctor. I did manage to convince Dr. Pig (obviously, he's not a medical doctor) that he needed to call his doctor ASAP today. I swear a PhD just pushes every single bit of common sense straight out of the brain.