Friday, March 21, 2008

F is for Flood

Oddly enough, my F post for the 2006 version of the ABC-along had the same title.

Remember the flood zone picture I posted a few weeks ago? (Yeah, I know D is for Deluge and F is for flood are pretty much the same, but I have more F's in the post!)

The water was over the park when I came home (7 inches of rain in one day), but had receded a bit by the time I was able to get back out and take a picture. Yes, this is the picture where it's not threatening to go over the road. People who live at that end of the block have to have flood insurance. Up the block there is a huge hill - I live on top of that hill and my yard was a complete swamp with standing water!

F is also for Fort Worth
Ticky Tacky sign. The rest of the pics will wait for another letter.

F is for Feet and Fun

In the Loopy Groupies forum on Ravelry, we had a hilarious thread on hitting F5 for the recent Wollmeise sneakup. I totally missed the sneakup because I was on the phone with my mom and, when I refreshed and snuck a couple of skeins in my cart, they jumped right out again. However, I had post 1500, for which Sheri awarded a special prize. A much-coveted skein of Wollmeise in Wilder Mohn - one of the two colors I wanted! Sheri is fabulous!