Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Finale

I was going to post a cutesy title, but I figure if you read that title and haven't seen the episode yet, it's pretty obvious there will be spoilers ;>

So, very nice and pat. Of course, this is Shondaland, so nothing can work out quite so nicely.

Here are my predictions for next year:

Derek goes to tell Rose and is involved in a horrific accident on the way back to Meredith. Miraculously, he makes it out unscathed, but, when he returns to the land, he finds that Meredith has been abducted by aliens.

Hahn and Torres decide to leave the medical profession and open a lunch counter. Name? Sapphic Salads. Mark Sloan bankrolls them.

George decides that everything is going pretty well for him because he is celibate and tells Lexie he can't possibly have a relationship with her. Lexie sleeps with Alex, instead.

Izzie realizes that she really never will have George ever, so she sleeps with Alex instead.

Mark realized that he will never be asked to be in a threesome with Hahn and Torres, so he sleeps with Alex instead.

Everything turns out jelly-side up for Bailey.

Christina Yang falls in love with the gorgeous new head of OB/GYN, Dr. Adam Turner. She marries him. Yes, she will be Tina Turner.