Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is with people these days?!?!?!?!

Around 4am, a neighbor a couple of blocks over had both cars in their carport set on fire. The cars and the carport were completely destroyed, but the house miraculously only had a few singed shingles. Their son's bedroom is right near the garage, so they were very lucky.

The cops think it may have been some sort of gang initiation.

What the hell?

What is the world coming to where people think that kind of thing is a good idea? Are they going to decided to burn down houses next? It freaks me out.

We have a car that is parked in back of the house. Dr Pig went out and bought a locking gas cap yesterday afternoon. It won't prevent all mischief, but at least it will prevent that particular mischief.

I'm just glad everyone is safe.

In political news, why is that certain people are so eager to ban abortion and yet these same people who are so desperate to save the fetuses rant about "socialism" when any attempt is made to provide welfare assistance for the resulting child?