Tuesday, November 04, 2008


But first, the Bean of the Week:

Me: achoo achoo achoo (allergies acting up)
Bean: Godzilla!

And now onto your irregularly scheduled political thoughts of the day.

The undecided voters I know are mostly Republicans who are not fond of McCain, and yet are having a hard time voting for a Democrat.

So, here's a little thought: If McCain wins this time, Hilary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee in 2012 and she'll win. (Apologies to the Hilary fans out there but she's not my choice.)

Many Republicans are members of that party because they are fiscal conservatives who are for small government. The problem is that the Republican party no longer embraces these ideals.

I don't care that McCain is divorced or that Palin has a pregnant teenage daughter. It's none of my business and it's irrelevant to the campaign until they start telling me how they are the moral party, they are the party of the real America - the one with values. And that people who don't share their opinions are not part of the "real" America.

If voting for Obama means that I'm not a "real" American, then why do I have to pay real taxes?