Monday, October 18, 2004

I finally cast on for the lower front of Grace. Only 4 more inches to go before the decreases. The candy-like seduction of the Summer Fruit Interlacements and Clapotis made me unfaithful to sweaters over the weekend. I'm making Grace one inch longer so I'm a little concerned about matching the front and the back. Usually, I'm fairly obsessive and count the number of rows I knit until a certain measurement, but with Grace, I've thrown caution to the wind. I've completed the upper fronts so once I hit around 6 inches on the lower front, I'm going to sew up the back and upper fronts and then continue to fit. I like seaming part of a sweater before I finish it anyway. Meddlesome is seamed on the left side and I still have a sleeve to go. Somehow, it makes knitting the last part of a sweater a bit easier because God knows I loathe that last sleeve, that last section of repeats for a shawl, the last bit of anything. It's not that I hate to finish a project, it's more that I am tired of said project and want to bury it for a bit. I can't let myself do that too often because I tend to bury things for years and even decades if I don't watch it.