Saturday, October 16, 2004

Yesterday morning, we went to the State Fair of Texas. The Bean had a ball. A local grocery store had an adorable exhibit where the chikdren got to "work" on a farm. The whole process was pretend with paper mache fruits and veggies and fake animals, but it was so fun.. The children got an apron and a basket and then went to fill a bag with feed corn so they could feed the animals along the way. They also had to pick peaches, feed chickens and gather eggs, get wool from sheep, milk a cow, plant seeds and gather veggies and then take all their goods to the store to sell where they were given "money" with which they got to buy a snack and a drink. They concept was to teach them where their food comes from. Bean was a bit too young to get that point, but she loved the whole time. And they had little John Deere tractor tricycles! The children had to put a teeny bale of hay in the trailer part and then pedal around to where they could feed the sheep. I think we had as much fun as she did!

In fiber news, I couldn't resist the siren call of the Interlacements merino worsted that came Thursday and have completed Clapotis through one straight row. This stuff is like knitting with candy. I chose a color called Summer Fruit (does that mean that Clapotis is really Clafoutis?). Orange, pink, red, violet and a really dark purple. And boy is it soft. I can't believe it's all wool.

But back to Grace today. I still want to finish her by tomorrow. I'm going to finish Meddlesome and at least the yoke of the Lopi before I let myself cast on for Lara. I don't mind having 4 or 5 projects going because I don't always feel like working on the same project night after night. But I draw the limit at over 6. I know some people a reading this and saying , "FIVE?!?!?! You're nuts". My problem is that I will get bored and then I just knit as a race to the finish without really enjoying it. And if I make a mistake, I tend to just keep going so I can finish. If I have other projects, it's easier for me to correct the mistake and then put the project down for a bit until we are back on speaking terms. Meddlesome was Irksome a couple of weeks ago and by the time I finish Grace, it will have been downgraded back to Medley and I'll enjoy reworking the whole sleeve. OK, maybe tolerate is a better word but at least I won't be shoving it in the back of the closet until next year!