Sunday, October 31, 2004

Woohoo! My computer is finally back up and running and I am elated.

After last week's knitting catastrophe's, I turned to felted bags. Three in one week. With eyelash and other noxious things. AND a Steven Tyler inspired novelty yarn horror of a scarf that is a good 10 feet long for a friend for her birthday. Normally, I'm not much into the mohair and eyelash but I have to admit I had a ball last week and now feel like getting back to the sweaters. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get Picasa downloaded and installed and then you get pictures!!!

Meanwhile, it looks like it's about ready to rain the proverbial cats and dogs. Just in time for Halloween. The only good thing about a possible Halloween rainout - OK two good things 1.) Bean is not quite old enough to grasp the complete concept of Halloween so while it may rain, it won't rain on her parade and 2.) she's been to three Halloween parties in the last week. She woke up this morning and told me she needed to get dressed for the party.

I ripped out the Rowan denim jumper today and started over. It's annoying, but the right thing to do. I'm going to knit on that and the last lonely sleeve of Meddlesome until both are complete and then I'm going back to Lopi and Clapotis.

Lara is going to wait until at least three out of those four are complete.