Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Meet Cate

This summer I found some Giotto on Ebay for a song. I'm making Cate from Colinette's La Belle Vita book. Colinette has some truly horrible pattern instructions. I hear people complain about Rowan patterns but the Cate pattern makes Rowan patterns look detailed and comprehensive. I'm having to rewrite the pattern for the fronts so I can actually knit them.

The instructions are given for you to do the front slope decreases and side seam increases at the same time in a manner that says something on the order of "knit the front slope decreases every other row and then every x alt rows and then x rows x while at the same time increasing the side seams this row and then every 4th row x times and then every 8th row x times." So, I wrote out all the rows for the whole front. Wish me luck.

At least the back and sleeves are straighforward! And I haven't had any problems with the yarn.