Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Floss This

About a week ago, we started flossing the Bean's teeth. She's getting into the swing of things. Yesterday, she came up to me with a rather long length of floss and asked to floss my teeth. I sat down and let her fool around for a few minutes. But I was puzzled at where she'd gotten the floss. I knew it wasn't from the trash can. I'd just emptied the trash. I figured I needed to put the floss where she couldn't get at it because, while she had figured out how to use the cutter correctly this time, there might be a next time in which we wouldn't be so lucky.

And then I had a horrific thought.

A project.

Using a lifeline.

Of dental floss.

Yes, Bean removed the lifeline from my Flower Basket Shawl and "flossed" my teeth with it.

Funny, no?

Especially since there is a big, honking wierd spot that started about 10 rows back.