Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Monday

We boarded the dog over the weekend to avoid any potential birthday party problems including lots of children and hyper dogs and the chocolate cake issue. She had a nice bath and we thought it would be more relaxing for all of us. Apparently not. The dog is now having excessive stress-related digestive issues. We have added $25 to the cost of the weekend for a prescription to help her and I spent the past hour cleaning my kitchen. Enough said. Poor Molly-dog and poor me. She just ate a bowl of chicken and rice, so that should help her tummy.

I did leave the house to make a grocery run and go to the vet to pick up the meds for the dog. While at the vet's, I spotted some really cute shoes. And I really needed some cute shoes for tonight. And the store was on the way home...
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Interchageable flowers! Whee!