Monday, June 20, 2005

Dogs for sale

Yesterday morning, Bean and I were going to SuperTarget (Motto: It's Shopping Crack!). I open the garage door and up trot two Australian Shepherds. My husband and I corner them, put our dog in the house and the loose dogs in our yard and call the owners. Guy comes and gets the dogs. Bean and I go back out to go to the store and here comes the older dog again, all ready to move in. We finally got her settled back at her house and went to the store.

Yesterday afternoon, Molly, our dog, starts going ape in the living room. I walk out and see a yard full of beagles. With no humans in sight. OK, it was only two beagles but if you've ever been around beagles you know that two pretty much equates a yard full. We corner these dogs and I get two leashes. We call the owners who don't answer. One beagle has an address tag a few houses down so I take the beagles down there. I ran into my neighbor's friend who owns one of the dogs. Guy was very grateful but I think he thought I was a teenager or something because he offered me a dollar for my trouble.

Husband decides that Father's Day must be Leave Your Gate Open Day in another country.

Yesterday evening, Molly goes ape again and I jokingly comment that it must be another dog. Jokes on me because it was another dog. From across the street.

You'd have to be Wes Anderson to get away with making a movie of this shit.