Saturday, July 23, 2005


I seem to have joined the lace craze taking the knitting community by storm.

I started FBS2: Electric Boogaloo*. I am starting the fourth repeat today. I'm really liking the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It's yummy! This FBS will be a bit larger than the Cathay version. I have three skeins of Silky Wool (175m per skein) so I know I can easily knit 8 repeats and I may knit 9 depending on how bored I get at that point and how much I want to cast on for the next project.

It's extremely hard to get an accurate representation of the color. Trust me, it's very nice.

I also knit up to the point in Soleil where I divide for the front and the back. I'm going to finish the back and then worry about the front as I've decided to alter the neckline. As a short person, deep v-necks are often way too deep for my comfort. I'm also still going with the flow on the striping. Whereas the FBS is in a sophisticated color, Soleil is flat obnoxious. And I like it!

I'm trying very hard not to cast on for anything new until I complete Soleil.

I'm on the home stretch.

Must. Not. Knit. Denim. Yarn.

Must resist siren call of Rowan Memphis that really wants to become a sweater. Must.

*Someone wrote something about not being able to say anything "2" without adding Electric Boogaloo after it, and I have to admit that I have an embarrassing tendency to do the same.