Thursday, July 21, 2005

How Big Is Long?

The Cherry Tree Hill Oceania Never-Ending Shawl is progressing along nicely. I'm about 1/3 finished with it. It measures 37 inches long and around 50 inches wide at this stage. I'm trying to determine how much longer I'm going to knit on this sucker. The issue is that, while it is very long, it's not terribly wide. When I do the finishing triangles on the ends, the width will increase a bit. I guess I'll keep knitting until I am too bored to continue ;>

I will say that this has been a very relaxing knit. It's not the lovely lace of the FBS or the other fabulous things that the Summer of Lace is producing, but it's been a great mindless knit for a hot and overly busy summer! And it's going to be fun to wear. There is a little bit of angelina in the yarn that provides some fun sparkle without being overly "bling-bling"*.

You think this is a picture of a couple of tape measures, right? Not to the Bean. These are How Big Is Longs. About a year ago, she took one of my tape measures and walked around the house measuring things. She told me she had to find out how big is long. So, whenever you pull out your tape measure to measure something, remember to find out how big is long.

God help me I just used the word "bling".