Thursday, July 28, 2005

For dinner last night the meal proceeded as follows:

Pour glass of wine. Make cheese sandwich for Bean..

Make salad for myself and my husband.

Try to eat salad.

Spend next 5 minutes trying to get Bean to sit at big table and
then decide that the three of us will sit at her little table.

Put cod in oven. Cod and sweet potatoes will not both fit in World's Smallest Oven.
Take potatoes out as they have been cooking for 75 minutes and are surely done.

Cook cod.

Try to cut open potatoes and discover they are curiously resistant to
heat and are still mostly raw. Put sweet potatoes in microwave.

Pour more wine.

Cod is done.

Eat cod while sitting on the floor.

Manage to convince child that fish is not contagious and it's OK to eat next to us.

Potatoes are done. Eat potatoes.

Listen to child expound on the disgusting nature of sweet potatoes and then sing
"Sister Suffragette" from Mary Poppins. Wonder what child would do with David Bowie's
"Suffragette City". Decide that as that song contains the phrase "Wham Bam Thank You
Ma'am" it would be best not to find out.

Remember salad. Pour more wine and eat salad for dessert. Do not feel European at all.