Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Bean got up the proscribed one time last night (Yelling, "Help me! Help m1") and behaved perfectly the rest of the time. She woke up this morning and told me, "I slept all night because I didn't want my dress-up clothes to go in time-out."* I told you it was something she could control if she had the motivation ;>

Still no knitting, although I bought three skeins of Kureyon yesterday which may become a felted bag. I also bought the Pattern-a-day knitting calendar. There are a few interesting patterns, but, overall, don't waste your money.

*We put toys in time-out more than we put her in time-out. Time-out for Bean just means that she sits in a corner and makes up stories and sings so it is to little avail. Putting toys in time-out seems to have a better effect. Especially when other children are over. If y'all can't share, the toy goes away. No discussions of being nice to each other, etc. You get one explanation of the rules and all subsequent squabbling leads to the removal of the object over which you are fighting. This works fairly well and allows me to enjoy playdates with a minimum of violence.