Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Consider the Cross Coat

This is the infamous UFO of Shame: the Cross Coat.

It's an intarsia sweater in a Greek Cross pattern with 11 (yes, eleven) color changes.

When I started knitting this, it was 1991 and styles were quite different.

About a week ago, I re-read the pattern and took some measurements and, frighteningly, I am knitting a medium. Which translates to the
50 1/2 inch size. This sweater is also 35" length and a drop-shoulder sweater

The Cross Coat was my first major colorwork project. For some reason, the women teaching the class told me I needed a medium. I didn't really understand sizing then. I'm only 5'2" on my tallest days. I know we wore things big and floppy back then, but 50 inches seems a bit egregious, even for 1991. I knit mostly smalls these days so it will fit quite differently than my normal knits.

I am faced with a dilemma. The pattern does require time and effort to get all those color blocks right and the eleventymillion ends woven in. I have a back and one front complete. I spent a boatload on the yarn - mostly Manos. It's a nice sweater. But is it a nice sweater for me?

Do I put in the time to finish the sweater, knowing that I look best in set-in sleeves and a closer fit?
Or do I felt the damn thing and make a fabulous bag out of it? There are a lot of knits out there. Do I stick with this one? Or, do I get a divorce from it and start my Color on Color from Scarf Style (now there would be something for the Knitting Olympics)?

Is there a point at which we should abandon process for practicality? Or should I just suck it up?

Anybody know where I can find a pair of skinny black leggings to wear under this sucker?