Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Man Down! Man Down!

C is for Collection

My collection of pink yarn. With a bit of white for contrast.

C is also for Crash.

So much for the Stashalong.

I had a tragic Socks That Rock accident.
(Pop Rocks, Rock Star, Hard Rock, Xmas Rock, Prove It All Night and Petroglyphs)

That led to a horrific trip and fall involving
some gorgeous El Coyote Ranch handspun fingering weight at the Shabby Sheep (all pink and red yarns 20% off for Valentine's Day!) . When I got home and recovered my wits, I discovered that I had also inadvertantly bought a sweater's worth of Atacama Alpaca.


I stuck some Addi Turbos in the freezer and am using them as a cold compress.