Sunday, March 26, 2006

The last two weeks have been too much party and too much work. I'm hardly a dull girl, but I am also absolutely unable to return to my former glory days as The Party Queen. Forget alcoholic beverages, even in limited quantities they give me a headache. Late hours? A good idea until a certain someone comes into the bedroom at the earliest possible definition of sunrise and jumps on you.

I look back on the Party Days with a mixture of horror and fascination. I lived about a block and a half from our favorite strip of night spots, so I never had to worry about driving. I didn't have any money, so I didn't really drink either. But, I had a big group of friends and we went out almost every night. Seriously. Get home from work, have a quick snack, and go to sleep until around 9pm. Get up, primp (In those days, we *really* primped - none of this jeans and a hoodie stuff for going out. We went all out.), hit the club, dance until 2 or 3 (no workouts necessary when you dance for 4 or 5 hours a night), go home and crash and be at work at 8am the next morning.

Fast forward to the days when I sometimes struggle to stay up for Jon Stewart!

I have two weeks until Bean's birthday party and I don't even have the invitations out yet. YIKES!

We've ripped out all the bushes in the front yard (due to extreme deadness) and have to re-sod some major portions of the back and front due to the grass being washed away in the storm. We've got today and next weekend to finish the project because I want it done before the party. Mama had better be a good girl if she's going to get all this completed in time!