Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crud V 2.0

The finishing continues. Antoinette from Rowan 39 is complete, but needs to go to the cleaners for some blocking.

I worked on getting the bottom edges straightened out but to no avail. I really feel lazy so what the heck.

You can't see a damn thing in this picture except the white of my shirt through the sweater. It's a low light pic, but I couldn't get any light to show the details on a black sweater. Look at the pic in the magazine and imagine it in black... You can see from the picture that they had some problems with their edges as well!

Also complete, Summer Sursa. Sursa pattern from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton (I think it's book 2) originally calling for Noro Silk Garden and Cash Iroha.

I knit it in screaming pink Maggie's Linen (doubled) and trimmed it with Bangles. Another good summer item to fight air conditioning.

The Creeping Mongolian Death Crud attack of last week is continues unabated. I began to recover around Wednesday of last week at which point my husband got it. This weekend, I got it again. Yuck. We have a big party on Saturday, so I'm laying low until then in hopes that I really do recover this time.

I've got Soleil ripped to midway up the body and back on the needles. Now, I have to do math to figure out how to get the darn thing to fit. I knit Soleil and Fiery Bolero at the same time last summer and learned a valuable lesson - I hate items that are knit all in one piece. I hadn't realized how much altering I do while knitting, but when confronted with items all in one piece, everything I know about fit seems to go out the window. It's all way too big. But I'm reasonably pleased with the bolero and I'm going to turn Soleil into something that fits. Maybe not me, but it's gonna fit someone!