Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank yous!

Bean's new "yarn-ed socks". She calls them her Lovely Lovely Socks. Nothing like an appreciate audience.

She has started getting really interested in learning to knit and does surprisingly well. She knows how to put the needle in, wrap the yarn, and pull it out. What she needs help with is making sure the yarn stays wrapped and in pulling the wrap on through. Pretty cool!

A big thank you to Carole! A couple of weeks ago, she had a dream interpretation contest and I won! Two balls of yummy soft Regia Silk and two bars of decadent dark chocolate which I have already been into with abandon. Thanks, Carole!

And a big thank you to my One Skein Pal who sent me a $10 gift certificate to Penzey's Spices! She's obviously really been paying alot of attention to my blog because that's right down my alley!

I got the new STR sock club yarn and I like it, although I wish it were a bit less pastel. But that's just me. My skein had a huge knot. I know Blue Moon wants us to send problems back so they can send them back to the mill. However, I measured the two resultant balls and one is 4 ounces and one is 1.5 ounces. That would be the natural dividing place to make a pair of short, picot edge socks for me and one for Bean! She's totally excited about Mommy/Daughter socks. The button cuff sock pattern that came with the yarn is really neat, but I have huge, bony, man ankles and wouldn't wear that pattern in a million years.

I've completed yet another Jaywalker (Yes, just one sock.) and began an Oak Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks (OK, this is bad, I just typed Knitting Vintage Spocks - what a typo!). But I am going to go take a nap so you'll have to wait for pictures tomorrow.