Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Very Expensive Day

Productivity doesn't pay.

Yesterday, I was all efficient getting my errands run. Got gasoline. Ran the car through the car wash. Booked the babysitter so a client of my husband's could take us to dinner last night. I finished cleaning out the junk room, tossed a bunch more stuff and organized the rest into bags for photos, office supplies, paperwork to be filed, etc. I cleaned my closet. I cleaned Bean's closet. Washed the sheets in the guest room and remade the bed and put out towels for the in-laws for this weekend.

Dude, I was prepared.

We went to get in the car last night and discovered that I had managed to rip off the gas door in the car wash.

We got home from dinner and the dog saw us and peed on the nice carpet. Granted, the carpet was due for it's yearly cleaning, nevertheless, I wasn't planning on having the carpet people pick it up today.

Grr. So much for a clean and organized home. No matter what I do, the Fates are going to spite me. I guess they are getting even for my rant yesterday.