Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Costume Ideas

The party on Saturday night was a blast. The Dandy Warhols were excellent. Collective Soul was OK, but they aren't my favorite band.

Some of the costumes were brilliant.

I had great admiration for the woman in the Catwoman outfit if for no other reason than she was walking around in six-inch spike-heeled boots and a vinyl Catwoman outfit that left nothing to the imagination. And she looked damn good. That takes a bit more dedication than I have!

My favorite costume was my friend who wore a Playboy bunny outfit with a skirt made of dust mops and with little ashy cotton balls all over her. She was a dust bunny. What made the outfit was the fact that her husband came in a French maid's outfit complete with fishnet hose and full makeup. Hilarious!

The big, hairy Italian guy who came as the Tooth Fairy was also pretty good. Nothing like a six-foot guy with a pretty good gut dressed in a tutu.

Another friend is a pilot for Southwest Airlines. He wore his uniform and his wife went as that trashy girl who got thrown off the plane. It was pretty funny.

There are always tons of Hefners and Playboy bunnies. On one hand, if you are over 40 and have the body for it, I guess you want to show it off, on the other hand, there were at least 10 couples dressed like that so it's not that imaginative. Not that our outfits of SNL's Killer Bees was so original, but there were only two other bees at the party and they weren't SNL bees. There were also a ton of pirates and wenches.

The most time-consuming costumes had to be the "Birds of a Feather" who all had very elaborate full body bird costumes created from crepe paper. Amazing stuff.

Overall, it's a can't miss party. I do not even want to imagine what their bar bill was (open bar with premium liquor for 1000+ people - you do the math). I'll bet the party cost more than my house is worth. Maybe even a couple of houses. It's an amazing shindig.