Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Mortem

The half an hour drive to Plano was totally worth it.

Bean had a great time and so did we. All of the parents in our group had big ol' go-cups of wine and the kids all ran around and enjoyed the fun.

Bean came home with a truly ridiculous amount of candy and in this neighborhood they go for full size candy bars. Based on our normal patterns of candy consumption, we have enough candy to last us for the next three years or so. The mind boggles.

There were a ton of spooky houses that really went over the top, but there was only one house I found freaky - they had a huge sign out front that read, "The only ghost here is the Holy Ghost." Don't mind me, I'm going across the street to enjoy my pagan rituals.

My feets is tired and I have miles to go before I sleep having made a unexpectedly time-consuming volunteer committment this summer that I am now paying for. Oh well. at least everyone will love me when I'm finished ;>

Hope your Halloween was happy.