Monday, October 29, 2007

Karl Rove Hates Halloween

We have a small child. Hence, we usually go trick-or-treating around 6pm. This is the same time at which all the other small kids in the neighborhood go out.

The lovely idea of extending Daylight Saving Time (which ain't saving us squat because the lights I'm not turning on in the evening are the same lights I have to turn on an hour earlier when we get up), means that we'll have to trick-or-treat in the DAYLIGHT.

I think it's a government plot against Halloween.

And, no, we can't just go an hour later. She's 5. By the time we get home and get her calmed down from the excitement, it will be plenty late enough. She can barely make it to 7.30 on a normal night.

Just another thing that makes me wonder if Bush and his pals understand the difference between President and Dictator.

Ah, screw it, she's just going to have to be tired on Thursday. We're going to go to a neighborhood party in Plano. It's not like most of the kids won't be fried at school anyway!